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Infinite applications

Light, comfortable and breathable, the WEAR&TOSS™ fabric is suitable for use in a wide range of sectors from fashion to sport, from workwear to military clothing, from cosmetics to the bio-medical sector, and represents a fantastic opportunity to exploit as-yet untapped markets or even to create new ones.

The WEAR&TOSS™ fabric as a finished product can be manufactured with antibacterial, hydro-repellent, fire-resistant, and UV protection properties and therefore effectively responds to the needs of a diverse range of consumers (private, corporate or institutional).









Institutions & Communities

Merchandising & Advertising

Focus on

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Wear & Toss
The Wear&Toss brand presents a new family of ecological biodegradable fabrics derived from cutting-edge technological re...
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Comfortable and breathable
Wear&Toss clothing, irrespective of the kind of mix used, is very comfortable and provides maximum breathability. ...

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