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Creativity & Design

Creativity is the economic driver of the future. So W&T has placed creativity at the centre of the project with a production line created around the consumer and an understanding that each consumer is unique.

Often the best ideas come from looking at daily life from a new point of view. The Wear&Toss™ project started in August 2008 when Filippo De Martin, holidaying with his family, realised that an inexpensive single-use t-shirt was the solution to the problem of his kids clothes getting dirty and needing to be washed and/or the need to travel with a lot of changes. An ecological t-shirt that would be bought wherever you travel and which can be recycled after use.

That was the moment the Wear&Toss™ project came to life, a project which is now fully under way and ready to meet and satisfy the needs of today’s consumer.

Producing exclusive, personalised, made-to-measure high-quality yet inexpensive clothing is just one of the consequences of the W&T project. Based on state-of-the-art computer technology we have created a rich interactive virtual atelier created to allow anyone to create their own designs and let their creativity loose.

Just made progress

With an understanding of how information flows between the customer and the company, W&T looks to position itself as a container of ideas and creative expression based on clothing design and graphics. Via a series of dedicated online competitions it is our intention to give life to styles, lines and personalised solutions which will be rewarded either by being mass-produced or through commissions on sales.

Focus on

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