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Raw materials

WEAR&TOSS™ is an innovative family of fabrics that use fibres taken from renewable sources such as cellulose, beetroot, corn starch and sugar cane.

Compared to traditional fibres taken from fossil fuels, the fibres used by W&T have excellent biodegradability and compostability properties which is why they can be considered the fibres of the future.

These kinds of raw materials have already been used by some large commercial chains for the production of packaging and disposable plates, cups, gloves and clear plastic wrap.

Focus on

Suitable for microencapsulation
The Wear&Toss fabric is ideal for the insertion of microcapsules that provide added value to the product and increas...
Wear & Toss
The Wear&Toss brand presents a new family of ecological biodegradable fabrics derived from cutting-edge technological re...
Whether for business, study or pleasure the one thing you can't do without on a trip is underwear. ...
The solid compact structure of Wear&Toss products provides excellent protection of the skin against allergens produc...
Comfortable and breathable
Wear&Toss clothing, irrespective of the kind of mix used, is very comfortable and provides maximum breathability. ...

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