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The production line and transformation of WEAR&TOSS™ fabrics is based on three key aspects: mechanisation, energy efficiency and respect for the environment.

The high level of mechanisation, capable of producing up to 100 items a minute, makes it economically viable to produce in loco and reduces the exploitation of workers from developing countries. The project also allows companies to reduce the enormous costs of international transport and therefore also the pollution it causes.

In the knowledge that the energy needs of a textile production company represent on average 30% to 50% of their total costs, W&T uses innovative technologies and machinery which use less energy and have zero environmental impact.

Focus on

Merchandising & AVD
Promotional t-shirts that catch the eye and care for the environment. Companies and public bodies (hotels, restaurants, ...
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Eco sustainable
These are totally biodegradable clothing items from a production line created based on high environmental consciousness....
No more washing machines and irons. After use a Wear&Toss product can be disposed of and recycled in the conventiona...

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