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The most revolutionary characteristic of the 100% biodegradable WEAR&TOSS™ product is that it can be recycled or composted.

Biodegradability is the ability of organic substances and some materials to decompose and be assimilated by microorganisms (bacteria) in the soil so as to become part of the natural cycle once again. Compost is a collection of highly fertile organic substances which derive from the biodegrading of organic materials (waste).

In a very short time WEAR&TOSS™ clothing disposed of in the ground or through recycling centres decomposes into water and carbon dioxide, two elements which are essential in the chlorophyllic photosynthesis of green plants. This process therefore contributes to maintaining the ecological balance of the planet.

Focus on

Comfortable and breathable
Wear&Toss clothing, irrespective of the kind of mix used, is very comfortable and provides maximum breathability. ...
Hospitals and private clinics, pharmaceutical companies, analysis labs, rehabilitation centres and rest homes are all ar...
Accessories can be produced for the automotive, household goods, sporting items, food and transport sectors....
Whether for business, study or pleasure the one thing you can't do without on a trip is underwear. ...
Suitable for microencapsulation
The Wear&Toss fabric is ideal for the insertion of microcapsules that provide added value to the product and increas...

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