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Its ecological credentials are the first, most extraordinary, element of the innovation proposed by WEAR&TOSS™. While in other sectors the issue of the disastrous impact of its products on the environment has been faced, up to now this has not been true of the textile sector.

WEAR&TOSS™ is aimed at a new generation of consumers who, becoming increasingly dissatisfied with traditional products, are making respect for both the environment and workers essential factors when selecting a product.

WEAR&TOSS™ is sensitive to both nature and society (and in a broader sense to urban planning, architecture, design etc.) as it follows balance and beauty via a perfect combination of history, culture and innovation which come together to create freedom of movement and emotion. The freedom to choose a unique eco-sustainable product that actively involves the consumer in its creation and development in all phases of its manufacture.

Focus on

No more washing machines and irons. After use a Wear&Toss product can be disposed of and recycled in the conventiona...
Merchandising & AVD
Promotional t-shirts that catch the eye and care for the environment. Companies and public bodies (hotels, restaurants, ...
Eco sustainable
These are totally biodegradable clothing items from a production line created based on high environmental consciousness....
Creativity & Design
Creativity is the economic driver of the future. So W&T has placed creativity at the centre of the project with a pr...
One of the unique features of Wear&Toss fabric is its excellent elasticity (an intrinsic property of the material) w...
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